HOGA Stay At Home Set A

HOGA Stay At Home Set A


Stay Home and Be safe

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HOGA Agarwood Herbal Tea 10 sachets
A cup of HOGA Tea daily will sustain your active lifestyle in a holistic manner as it is a catalyst to enhance multiple body functions. Keep feeling young and beautiful every day. For effective detoxification, please consume more water after enjoying the goodness of HOGA Tea. Once the filter paper is removed, the tea fiber can also be directly consumed to improve digestive system and bowel movement.

HOGA Ramen x 3 packets
HOGA Ramen Noodles are expertly crafted from freshly grown wheat, prized for its superior quality and light delicate taste. It contains only pure, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no added MSG. Its definitely vegan friendly. HOGA Ramen Noodles can be served with a meaty broth, shredded vegetables or a combination of both. You may top it up with sliced pieces of meat, dried seaweed, fish cakes, green onions, and even sweet corn.

HOGA Chicken Soup Premix x 3 packets
We all crave for a bowl of piping hot, delicious soup. But how about soup with a twist? Our pre-mixed HOGA chicken soup mix is packed into tea bags bursting with flavours and nutrition. Light, low in fat but high on taste, this sumptuous broth will warm your heart.

HOGA Agarwood Liquid Sanitizer 10ml

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