HOGA Soup Mix Pack

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Product Description

HOGA Chicken soup and Chi Kut Teh soup mix is the quick solution for a great bowl of aromatic soup that will make you look like an expert chef. HOGA Tea Eggs soup mix is the best way to cook for healthy HOGA Tea infused eggs, that will make you look like an expert chef. All varieties are pre-prepared with 4 sachets of Agarwood tea with all its natural healthy goodness and various herbs and spices to keep you and your family healthy.


Content :
– 2 x 45g HOGA Chicken Soup Mix
– 2 x 45g HOGA Chi Kut Teh Soup Mix
– 2 x 25g HOGA Tea Eggs Premix


Packaging : pack
Product Measurement (cm) : 23 x 25 x 7
Weight (g) : 336


Additional information

Weight 0.336 kg
Dimensions 23 × 25 × 7 cm


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