GOGA Drink (1 Bottle)


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Product Description

The GOGA drink was created to enhance body functions and catalyse natural healing in the body. It keeps you young, fresh and healthy inside out.
– Organically cultivated agarwood extracts
– Natural blend of agarwood extracts and passion fruit
– Free from artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours
– Suitable for everyone of all ages


Recommended especially for :
– Older people with daily aches and pains
– Those who suffer from constipation
– People fighting obesity
– Smokers who want to get healthy
– Active people who constantly challenge their bodies
– Those who need a stress relief
– Everyone who wants to stay healthy


Recommended Daily Intake and Consumption Methods
– General wellbeing: 100ml once daily before / after meals preferably in the morning.
– General ailments: 1 bottle 2 times a day (150ml per intake) before meals preferably morning and night.
NOTE: Do not mix with any medication, allow min 1-hour interval
– Children (aged 3 and above): 30ml before/after meals once a day

Each bottle is recommended to be consumed within 3 days to maintain freshness.  Best to refrigerate after opening.

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