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Gaharu Beauty Set

HOMERS Beauty Products

HOMERS set the standard of excellence for naturally healthy beauty products. Each product is carefully made to soothe and caress your body and skin leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

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HOGA Spa, 贺嘉水疗
HOGA SPA is good for - Relaxing - Rejuvenating   * Content  -..
Ex Tax: MYR46.90
HOGA Hand & Body Lotion , 贺嘉手乳液
HOGA Hand & Body Lotion is a naturally healthy lotion made with natural ingredients and ..
Ex Tax: MYR68.90
HOGA Shower Gel, 贺嘉沐浴露
Experience total freshness and feel rejuvenated after every shower with our HOGA Shower Gel. It i..
Ex Tax: MYR68.90
HOGA Beauty Bar, 贺嘉香皂
HOGA Beauty Bar is made from a healthy combination of Gaharu oil and other types of nourishing oi..
Ex Tax: MYR43.90
HOGA Lip Balm, 贺嘉润唇膏
Smother your lips with love and care they deserve with our HOGA Lip Balm. Enriched with Gahar..
Ex Tax: MYR37.90
HOGA Natural Beauty Set, 贺嘉天然护肤品配套
HOGA Natural Beauty Products are made with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.&n..
Ex Tax: MYR179.90