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HOGA Lip Balm, 贺嘉润唇膏
Smother your lips with love and care they deserve with our HOGA Lip Balm. Enriched with Gahar..
Ex Tax: MYR37.90
HOGA Soup Mix Pack, 贺嘉汤包
HOGA Soup Mix Pack   * Content - 2 packets of HOGA Chicken Soup Mix (45gm) -..
Ex Tax: MYR73.90
HOGA Tea Combo, 贺嘉茶套
HOGA Tea is a blissful indulgence crafted from the leaves and branches of the Gaharu trees. HOGA ..
Ex Tax: MYR419.90
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HOGA Natural Beauty Set, 贺嘉天然护肤品配套
HOGA Natural Beauty Products are made with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.&n..
Ex Tax: MYR179.90
HOGA Bao Ren Powder and HOGA Fruit Tea Promo, 贺嘉宝仁散和贺嘉果子茶优惠配套
HOGA  Bao Ren Powder  ( 3 bottle ) HOGA Fruit Tea  ( 2 boxes x 10TB ) ..
Ex Tax: MYR1,199.70
HOGA Matcha Promotion Set, 贺嘉抹茶优惠配套
HOGA Matcha Promotion Set 2 boxes of HOGA Matcha ..
Ex Tax: MYR200.00
HOGA Matcha, 贺嘉抹茶
HOGA Matcha is good for - Drinking  - Cooking  - Baking  - Appling..
Ex Tax: MYR129.90