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Our HOGA Tea is healthy tea made from the finest quality of gaharu leaves from our Aquilaria tree. Gaharu tea that contains genkwanin glycosides has many dietary benefits and is capable of removing mercury from our body which efficiently help slowing down the aging process.

Our tea contains no artifical flavouring, no preservatives and caffeine free.

Enjoy and savour the aromatic and distinctive flavour of this natural health drink.

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HOGA Bao Ren Powder and HOGA Fruit Tea Promo, 贺嘉宝仁散和贺嘉果子茶优惠配套
HOGA  Bao Ren Powder  ( 3 bottle ) HOGA Fruit Tea  ( 2 boxes x 10TB ) ..
Ex Tax: MYR1,199.70
HOGA Matcha Promotion Set, 贺嘉抹茶优惠配套
HOGA Matcha Promotion Set 2 boxes of HOGA Matcha ..
Ex Tax: MYR200.00
HOGA Matcha, 贺嘉抹茶
HOGA Matcha is good for - Drinking  - Cooking  - Baking  - Appling..
Ex Tax: MYR129.90