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About Us

GAHARU TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD was founded in October 2008 to undertake intensive cultivation of gaharu-producing Aquilaria plants on a commercial scale. Gaharu, agarwood, eaglewood, aloeswood are just a few of the names for the resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced by Aquilaria spp. Agarwood or Black-Gold has long played significant role in Arab, Indo-Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and religions, where many consider it as part of their heritage and still preserved till today. Agarwood is not only the most expensive wood, it has many health benefits as well. Chinese has century old writings mentioning agarwood in herbal medicine remedy.

Gaharu are traditionally used for:

The Aquilaria  trees which are dedicately planted  organically in Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng yields the best quality gaharu leaves. Only the finest quality of gaharu leaves are selected to produce our HOGA Gaharu Tea. Our teas are: