The HOGA Story...Our Journey

Before we tell you the HOGA story, we would need to start with telling you about ‘Gaharu’ or Agarwood. Just what is ‘Gaharu’? To put it simply, it is a resinous wood with a distinct fragrance derived from Aquilaria trees that are found mainly in Asia but are threatened by heavy logging and is listed as an endangered flora species today. For centuries, ‘Gaharu’ has been renowned for its sacred healing and medicinal properties which is used as a vital element in religious and cultural practices, as well as to alleviate various health conditions. Every major religion from Islam to Christianity, and from Buddhism to Hinduism, have mentioned this tree in an aromatic spiritual or holistic healing manner. All this remained in old scriptures, until Gaharu Technologies started working to validate all the goodness of this tree.  


It all started by chance in the year 1992 when Mr David Ho acquainted a Japanese botanic with expertise on the ‘Gaharu’ plant. The Japanese botanic introduced him to an advanced hybrid ‘Gaharu’ seedling containing multiple beneficial traits of various Aquilaria species. Mr David had already learned of this unique tree at an early age from a school teacher, but he had not the slightest idea that he will bump into this tree again. Everyone he knew advised him to venture into the more lucrative produce of oil palm and rubber on his piece of land, but Mr David decided instead to follow his heart and plant 200 ‘Gaharu’ seedlings in the hope that someday, he would be able to contribute to society through the miraculous properties of this tree also known as the ‘Wood of Gods’.


Some 20 years later, the 200 seeds of hope sown on that fateful day has since flourished into the Gaharu Tea Valley, a verdant 300-acre land recognized as part of the 400-million-year-old Kinta Geopark with over 200000 thriving hybrid Aquilaria trees. Fueled by the rich harvest of the Gaharu Tea Valley, as well as generations old Chinese imperial health formulas, Gaharu Technologies and Envirotech Industries are able to manufacture its own unique HOGA products, including the signature HOGA tea and GOGA drink to catalyze a healthier life.


Gaharu Technologies continues to innovate and work passionately to ensure we can further add on to our credentials which include certificates for CITES, MAL, GMP, Organic, HALAL, ISO 22000 and even an entry into the Malaysia Book of Records.


In the year 2011, Gaharu Tea Valley reached a new milestone with the launch of the Gaharu Tea Valley as an agro-tourism destination, effectively paving the way for us to spread the goodness of the ‘Gaharu’ tree and the importance of its conservation to visitors all around the world. Although many years have passed since the first HOGA cup of tea was made, Gaharu Technologies remains proud and happy to be able to spread the wondrous healing benefits of ‘Gaharu’ based products to everyone.


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